Fit Your Bike

Why do we believe bike fit is so important?

It is unquestionably the most important aspect of cycling that keeps you on the bike and enjoying the sport. A good bicycle fit will provide four outcomes:

1. Increased comfort

2. Increased performance

3. Reduced chance of injury

4. Enjoy the ride even more…


The Comprehensive Motion and Power Based Bicycle Set-Up

The Comprehensive Motion and Power Based Bicycle Set-Up/Fitment is the most comprehensive, detailed bike fitting available.

The Comprehensive Motion and Power Based Bicycle Set-Up includes:

-An interview with the client to assess rider history, experience, exposure, level of riding and cycling goals

-A detailed discussion of all discomforts impacting the rider

-Dual-camera motion capture of initial pedaling functionality Frontal, Lateral and Rear.

Power analysis of the pedal stroke is analyzed, to ensure optimal power development.

The Motion Analysis is combined with the power analysis to ensure both the most optimal and comfortable position.

Assessment of functionality and recommendations for modification/improvement based on the target discomforts, asymmetries and rider goals

Changes to equipment including shoe support, cleats, handlebars, stems, seatposts, saddles, pedals or anything else required to achieve optimum fit

Motion capture tracking to record changes and any further adjustments required to achieve target fitting goals

On-screen comparison of before and after functionality

Free follow-up fit within a maximum of one month following the fit.