Customized Comprehensive Service

We ensure that all your derailleur (Front and Rear) is serviced and set correctly, but we also explore the gear housings, all fittings and cables to ensure there is no impedance causing sub-optimal shifting.
The Brakes are given even more care, we ensure that all your brakes (Front and Rear) are serviced and the settings are correct, the brake pad condition is investigated for optimal braking performance and once again we also explore the gear housings, all fittings and cables to ensure you have the most braking power for that system. To ensure that no Power is wasted the bottom bracket and Jockey wheels are completely stripped and serviced providing the lowest rolling resistance possible.
The Chain wear is checked so no premature wear occurs on the cassette, jockey wheels and chain rings. Power is nothing with out control, so for silky smooth handling the headset is completely stripped down and serviced.

To get the absolute out of your bike, with the Customized Comprehensive Service we also focus on your wheels, The Front Hub, Rear Hub and Free-Hub are stripped to there basic parts, checked, serviced and reassembled. The (Front and Rear) Rim is checked for lateral and horizontal movement and corrected if there is any undue movement and spoke tensions are corrected(This ensures all spokes are all under the exact same tension, that there is not more tension/pressure on one spoke that could cause an early failure). The Tyres are checked for any points that could lead to future failures (a.k.a punctures).

In short, in a comprehensive service we strip the entire bike apart, and reassemble the bike giving each and every single part on your bike due attention it deserves.  

We have a drop off and collection service  to save you time